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Permission form

Medical, dietary, swimming, media consent, and declaration

Permission Forms

All the important group info

To ensure the safety and welfare of all individuals visiting First Wave Adventures, we require all booked schools to complete the Permission Form, submitting the requested information on behalf of every child AND every member of teaching staff within the group.  We require a Permission Form with both residential bookings and activity day bookings.

You can download the Permission Form (Excel format) below.  Given the possible sensitive nature of information contained within the document, we recommend you password protect the document before you send it back to us. There is a field in the submission area below that will allow you to forward us the password you have chosen.

To help facilitate your collection of the information needed for the Permission Form, please also find a parental consent template (in docx format) for you to send out to your parents.  Please note the parental consent template is designed for school use only- we ask you, the school, to submit a single Permission Form to us- we cannot accept individual parental consents/other forms of consent.

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